Writing & Coffee – what perks your work?

What's your order?


Having just posted my second novel, The Milk Chocolate Murders, up on Book Country for workshopping, I can now refocus on the tweaks needed on the first novel, The Apple Pie Alibi. If all goes according to plan, APA should be ready for submission (again) by September 1. That timing allows me two months to outline the third book of the trilogy, The Wedding Cake Witness, in time for the next slog known as Nanowrimo.

Throw in a commission to write a 5 minute piece of classical music (not as easy at it sounds) and I once again find myself very busy. This will take much coffee.

Speaking of coffee…

I have always wondered if genre dictated coffee choice. In other words, do writers in the mystery genre prefer straight espresso, or perhaps (as I do) an Americano? Do romance writers like, I don’t know, one of Starbuck’s new drinks? A caramel cocoa crunch frappuccino maybe? Just guessing. I have no idea what a romance writer typically orders.

Hey! What about a totally unscientific poll?

Comment below with your genre and favorite beverage, be it coffee, tea, or something stronger. There will be no prizes, but rest comfortably with the knowledge you have helped to further define your genre in a new, and tasty fashion.

Let’s here from everyone! <clink!>


Grandma Kepler is on the lam?

Okay – one of the cool things about being a Nanowrimo “pantser” is not knowing exactly where the novel is going to take you. True, my story is a semi-cozy, culinary themed mystery with a little early 20’s angst thrown in. But lo and behold, as I peaked over the 8,000 word count tonight, Grandma Kepler – about to be arrested for murder – decides to escape.

So if you see a little old lady hiding in the bushes, hitching a ride with truckers on the interstate, or possible on the back of a Harley, please call the Cape Charles police chief, Captain J.B. Larson. He’ll be interested.

I can’t wait to see how chapter three turns out!