Bio – mostly true stuff

My business card says I am a “Writer, Story Teller, [and a] Decent Cook.”

In reality, for 8 hours a day I work inside the confines of a corporate gray cubicle, crunching numbers and editing business documents while drinking massive amounts of coffee. Sounds bad, I know, but it is a great company and I really have a tremendous amount of autonomy and there is a good bit of design creativity infused into my projects. And the coffee is free.

For stress relief, I write. And I have a really good massage therapist, but I digress. As for the writing, I have no formal training as you may be able to tell, but I am always checking out other writers, looking for tips on structure, character development, story ideas, and what not. You can never have enough what not.

I also live in a parsonage with my wife (she’s the pastor,) two dogs, and Tink the Cat. We are a household of vegetarians who happen to eat fish, which I guess makes us pescatarians?  It helps that we live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, a thin strip of land separating the Chesapeake Bay on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. Family farms are everywhere you look, many of which have roadside vegetable stands offering the seasonal harvest. Bonus – the local fishing boats bring in the best oysters, rockfish, and flounder you may ever see.

The cool thing is that I have improved a bit at both writing and cooking, plus I have met some great people in the blog-o-sphere. Well, not met per se, but interacted with on-line. The Eastern Shore is one of the best, yet so off the beaten track pieces of land around, so stalking them is really out of the question. The general public is safe, believe me!

Thanks for taking the time to read some of my work.  And remember – many people have tried my cooking and most have gone on to live normal lives.

– D.J. Lutz


8 thoughts on “Bio – mostly true stuff

  1. Concur. I was in the music industry for years and the truest saying was “It’s not whether or not the music is good, it’s whether or not it will sell.”

    • Thanks for the award. Unexpected but always welcome, since I have learned so much from reading other writers’ posts and have made so many awesome acquaintances.

    • Thanks for the Sunshine Award!! I love the diversity you all present; makes reading so fun – you never know what you will get each day!

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