We heart writing “on location”

View from the Artist Loft - Cape Charles Coffee House

View from the Artist Loft – Cape Charles Coffee House

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and the two of us decided it would be a great day to do something together, out in public. No – not that. This is a family blog, you know. But given the outside temperature is in the 20’s (-3 or so Celsius) and the high winds not helping matters, a relaxing morning inside the warm comfort of the Cape Charles Coffee House was deemed to be public enough.

A few pancakes, some scrambled eggs, a yogurt fruit parfait and muffin later, we found ourselves upstairs. The building, beautifully restored to the elegance it had over a century ago, has a nice artist’s loft. Paintings by locals hang on the wall; there are small and large tables, plus comfy chairs. A perfect place to hold a small informal meeting, or in our case – plug in the laptops and write.

Truth be told – once my trilogy of culinary cozies hits the press, readers may see a coincidental resemblance of this coffee house to the diner-headquarters of the main character. Why shouldn’t I use such a great space for the setting of a novel, right?

So here we sit for a while – me catching up on my social media accounts and eventually moving on with revisions to book number two. My better half? She’s doing work. I know, not as fun as my quest, but she gets to work in an elegant space. And with such fine company!

Valentine’s Day or not, if you need a space to write, look for a quiet place that still has some life to it. You might try a coffee shop, a library (yes, that building with all of the books,) or anywhere people will ignore you, yet be visible for inspiration. Heck, try the waiting area at your local airport. You’ll definitely see a cross-section of humanity there!

Wherever you write – may inspiration hit you like a strong cup of hot coffee; and may any writer’s block be vanquished!


6 thoughts on “We heart writing “on location”

    • Thanks! The place is family-owned and everyone in town stops by almost daily. Writing from the loft is a great place to hear about the small town drama, without becoming a part of it! And the coffee and muffins are great!

  1. That place definitely looks fantastic! I’d love to have a little nook like that for my writing, though I have a feeling nothing will beat Kaya Coffee and Tea House on the campus of Central Michigan University for me. There, my love of writing and creating stories flourished into the career I’m creating now. Lately, it’s just been the couch in the quiet hours of the morning or, interestingly enough, the cafe area of the grocery store where I work (it’s like, when I enter that building, my mind immediately goes into work-mode). I’ve just discovered it’s only a mile and a half walk to my local library, so I have a feeling that that’ll be a new spot for me now that I’m going to try to go for nice walks during my days off. I bet there’s a few places a short drive away, too, but I haven’t gotten to exploring quite yet. I should get on that.

    • The food is very nice and cooked with love by great people. Sometimes I get the sweet potato pancakes, but that day I ordered a plate-sized Belgian waffle that comes with little slices of fresh fruit, dollops of real whipped cream, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Maple syrup is a given. I always wash it down with a “Cafe Cape Charles” which is a double shot of espresso with hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, steamed milk, and topped with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

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