On Orwell, Guacamole, and Labor Day

I guess working on a holiday is par for the course for many people. I did it every single holiday, and them some, during my last career. But today, Labor Day in the US, I have the day off. So quick review -what have I done and/or plan to do on this day of rest?

Made coffee and breakfast

Cleaned the kitchen

Made guacamole using Alton Brown’s recipe

Cleaned the kitchen

Vacuumed the stairs, the upstairs hallway, and the master bedroom

Took apart and cleaned the vacuum cleaner (in the kitchen)

Cleaned the kitchen

Cleaned the guest bathroom and the upstairs second bathroom

Brushed the dogs

Played with the dogs

Ate chips and guacamole for lunch

(I’m waiting to clean the kitchen again.)

Next up: writing the first installment of The 13th Samurai. (I’ll do anything to keep from cleaning that stupid kitchen again.)

I hope your holiday, if you are celebrating one that is, is a good one. Don’t channel George Orwell and work too hard on Labor Day.

And if you make Alton’s guacamole, make sure you have something cool to drink nearby. Just a thought.



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