Coming Soon – The 13th Samurai

Just have time for a quick note. While I wait for word on my MS The Apple Pie Alibi, I am outlining book two The Milk Chocolate Murder. The former has been turned down by three agents, but is still under consideration by 8 others, and one agent has requested a partial. I consider this a success even if it goes no further. But of course, I hope it does.

Yet, all work and no play makes DJ a dull boy so for stress relief I am researching material for my next year-long serial.

You read correctly. 12 months of weekly posts to be found right here. The last serial I did was a hard boiled detective tale called Witt Kepler, Private Eye. There are actually people still talking about that one. In a good way. I know, right? Who would have thought?

In the meantime, stay tuned for a historical rom-thriller called…

The 13th Samurai.

Hi Dozo!!!


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