On Lit Agents and Ninjas

The stories don't write themselves...

The stories don’t write themselves…

I’m back, although truth be told, I never went too far. Why the poor track record of blog posts lately? The old saying goes like this: If you want something done, give it to a busy person. Well, people have been giving me plenty. I’m sure you all have been just as busy. Maybe I’m a slacker and don’t realize it?

Anyhow, before we get to my newly received and probably undeserved major blogging award, let me recap where I stand as a writer these days:

Novels completed: One (80,000 words) The Apple Pie Alibi, a culinary cozy mystery. A young woman graduates college and expects a fast entry into corporate America. Reality throws her a smack down, and the woman finds herself broke and living in a small town, working for her grandmother in the family diner. Just when a nice job offer seems imminent, grandma is accused of murder, leaving the girl faced with making a choice: pursue the corner office in the big city or solve the crime and spend the foreseeable future slinging coffee.

Agents researched: 149; Agents queried: 12

Rejections received to date: One.  Hey, that’s better than two, right?

Contests entered: One.  Results due out by April 2015. Not holding my breath. That’s longer than it takes me to swim underwater for the length of the pool at the Y, you know.

Short Stories written: One, sent to The New Yorker for consideration. Aim high, as they say.

Blog posts: Exploding Potatoes – a few; Vegan Cooking For You – a few plus a few more.

Blog Awards received? One for the Vegan Cooking For You blog. The infamous Liebster Award. It will take a few days to formulate a post that meets all the wickets required. I jest, but it was unexpected and kind of nice to receive it in the fashion it arrived. You’ll have to read the post – once I write it.

So what’s next?

  1. Start outlining book 2 in the culinary mystery series; working title The Milk Chocolate Murder.
  2. Start another weekly serial on this blog. Tentative theme: Ninja love story with much noir-ness. And dead bodies.
  3. Revamp the Web Platform. Renew blog connectivity with other writers; find new ones.
  4. Project X. (Not sure how to approach this one, but it is rattling around my brain.)

That should keep me busy for a while.

Now to think up to names for my two ninjas.



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