A new novel shows itself unexpectedly?

So it seems that Grandma Kepler and the old police captain, J.B Larson, had just returned from a vacation on the subcontinent of India. And just in time, I might add. When the good police officer walked into the holding cell at the station, he found one prisoner dead (with a note saying “Now we’re even!” clutched in his hand) and another prisoner quite ill. To make matters worse, over half of his force had come down with similar symptoms. Things were not looking good in tiny Seaview, Virginia.

While intrepid cafe owner and girl about town Winnipeg Kepler investigated the crime, from a distance of course, Grandma Kepler whipped up some Mango Lentil Dal. She had tried some in Punjab and declared on the spot it would cure what ailed you. Doc Jones said it couldn’t hurt; and besides, it would be a few more hours before the CDC quarantine team could get to the little, out the way coastal village.

Winnie hadn’t a clue about the medicinal properties of the Dal, but at this point figured there was no stopping her grandmother. And since she wasn’t yet sick with the mystery illness, Winnie decided a little preemptive cooking was worth a chance. Her logical brain told her the Dal was no substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed physician, but the aroma alone boosted her taste buds with a nice punch of flavor.

“It’s not chicken on a stick, Grandma, but after seeing all those red spots on the sick guys, I’m up for any cure – FDA approved or not!”

How will Winnie solve the crime when she can’t even get near the body? What about her new beau, recently promoted Corporal Parker Williams? He hasn’t caught the mystery bug yet but can’t leave the station house because of the quarantine. Meanwhile, Winnie’s grandmother has infiltrated the station with a pot of Indian food, thinking she can cure all concerned – except the dead guy, of course.

“It’s always too late for the deceased,” she said.

“He should of tried the curry,” I replied.

“Well, next time, maybe he will.”

“So, live and learn, I guess?”

“Unless he…you know…”

“Unless he what?”

“Unless he’s -”

Already Dead.” The second novel in the Winnipeg Kepler series. Stay tuned – and pass the dal.


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