Azar’s Big Fat Greek Burger

Azar's Big Fat Greek Burger

Azar’s Big Fat Greek Burger

Even writers like to eat. And normally this post would be on my food blog, but I am trying to consolidate readers, introducing one group to the other. Food seemed like the best way to do this, so here we are, Exploding Potatoes readers – welcome to my writing blog!

For some reason I seem to be on a quest for hamburgers lately, good ones at least, so imagine my dismay when the family decided to dine out at our local Mediterranean cafe, Azar’s Market & Cafe located in the historic Ghent area of Norfolk. (For my international readers, this Norfolk is the Virginia version, not the UK city from which ours received its name. Sorry to disappoint.)

But Azar’s did not disappoint. Far from it.

Granted, they serve an excellent hummus, and even better falafel – great news for the two vegetarians in my family. But for the three of us who love meat, the burger night was on!

My Big Fat Greek Burger was the choice tonight. At first I wondered if there should have been more meat, because, well, more meat is always better in my book. But as you can tell from the photo below, there weren’t any complaints in the end.

The beef is seasoned, although I was hard pressed to identify the exact formula of spices. This was probably due to the feta and mozzarella cheese on top, accompanied by their friends kalamata olive, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce (a Lebanese yogurt cucumber sauce,) and the clincher for some zip – banana peppers. Cram all of this in between two slices of light and fluffy ciabatta and you have yourself a winner.

So no, the beef did not predominate. But in this case – it was just fine.

The bottom line: if you want a huge pile of beef, go find a drive-through somewhere and order a double something with cheese. BUT, if you want a nice plate full of flavor, try Azar’s Big Fat Greek Burger. As you can see here, there were no survivors.

Just crumbs remain, and not many of those...

Just crumbs remain, and not many of those…

Azar’s also offers lamb burgers, excellent tofu burgers (with a vegan option, too!) as well as a regular, American style cheeseburger for those less adventurous.

For details on the restaurant, check out their website. Your taste buds will thank you later!

Now, back to the novel…



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