Creative Non Fiction and Chocolate?

Yes, of course, with a side of bacon.

No, seriously. If you remember my last post, you will recall I have formulated a weekly writing plan. Tonight’s task was to start research for a new piece to be written for my food and wine blog. And in my stumbling around the vast fringes of the Internet, I have not only planned out a four part series on chocolate (for February, of course) but I have also acquired quite a bit of historical information, including original recipes from the time periods.

4 weeks in February = 4 fabulous chocolate recipes

and a slice of bacon, but you’ll have to wait until the last week of February to find out about that one.

Oh, we get to go on a field trip, too!

Now I can’t wait for February to get here. How about you? Any special culinary treats planned for February? Ahem – here’s a hint: Valentine’s Day is in February. Always a good time to put chocolate to good use.

Put on your favorite Aztec outfit and come along! Who knew creative non-fiction would be so tasty?


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