The P.O.D. (aka the daily writing plan)

photo(7)Those of you who have a military background will recognize the acronym POD. The infamous Plan Of the Day. For many people, the POD never really changed that much, to the point it was often changed to Plan of the Week. However, I was in a military band. Our plan changed daily, sometimes hourly. Then there were times the plan changed on short notice.

Ask anyone who has served in a military band about waiting for the plan of the day and they will shrug their shoulders in a fatalistic “what-can-you-do?” manner. We could never leave at the end of the day – until the plan of the day had not only been formulated, but typed, reviewed by at least three people, signed, and then given back to the platoon sergeant who had to read it to the platoon. It was always the classic hurry up and wait scenario. The process could, and often did, take hours. I dealt with this for over 20 years and made only slight progress on this daily SNAFU once I was “the Top.” Doesn’t speak well for me, does it?

But now I am retired (from that line of work at least) and have more control of my schedule. Thus I present to you my writer’s POD, a set of daily goals for my writing. I am not suggesting you use it yourself, but maybe it will spur some thought for how you can produce more. Maybe you have a better way? Please share!

Monday – AM: novel edits, drink coffee.   PM: read Six Years (H. Coben) while on the stationary bike.

Tuesday – AM: novel edits, drink coffee.  PM: read and pedal; research for cooking blog.

Wednesday – AM: novel edits, drink coffee.  PM: physical therapy; check blogs I follow.

Thursday – AM: novel edits, drink coffee.  PM: visit our kids; don’t turn on computer.

Friday – AM: novel edits, drink coffee.  PM: read and pedal; research for writing blog.

Saturday – AM: haircut, novel edits, drink coffee. PM: post to writing and cooking blogs; read and pedal.

Sunday – AM: church times 3. PM: nap; check blogs I follow. Look for new ones. Drink coffee.

That should about do it. I’ll report back next Saturday and let you know how it went.

Semper Scribilus – DJ sends.



3 thoughts on “The P.O.D. (aka the daily writing plan)

  1. Oh yes – I was in the Navy and I know the infamous POD. We were in the electronics shop so our POD was actually the PMS schedule or it was maintenance so we didn’t even refer to the POD very often.

  2. For us, jobs came up every day on the spur of the moment. This caused plans to change constantly. Add in a zero defect environment for fun and I loved every minute of it. But now? I don’t miss it.

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