Cyber Bullies Must Drink Bad Coffee

I have a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Instant Human – Just Add Coffee.”

For many of us, this implies without the morning jolt of java we are less than civilized. I’m not that bad, but then again, I drink coffee for an hour before I have to interact with others, so who am I to say? Regardless, I try to remember we are all on this planet together, and if you go back far enough, we are all related. Yup – all of us. And while we don’t always treat our relatives as nice as we should, overall most of us know right from wrong and we apologize later, usually over a cup of coffee.

Coffee, it’s like liquid duct tape for the soul.

Cyber bullies are a different story. The anonymity of the online persona allows our brain to relax, and we end up saying things via the Internet we would never say to anyone in person. So what to do if you are one of those bullies? Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to stop. What good is it doing you? Unless you actually enjoy hurting another person, you need to stop. If you do enjoy it, you need to stop anyway. (I doubt you will listen to me, in fact – you probably won’t have read this far into the post. But I digress, and somewhat stereotype. Sorry.)

But what if you are the victim of cyber bullies? If they attack your blog, delete them, block them, and report them. Then have a cup of coffee. Whatever you do, don’t take anything they say personally. They could care less about you; they only post rants on other blogs so they can see their own gravitar in print.

As writers, we put ourselves out there through our work. Expect differing opinions as to the quality of your work. That’s okay. Expect some comments to be rational, and others not to be. But if things get out of control, or if the trolls start to go beyond the basic scathing retort – report them. Get a lawyer who is trying to make a name for herself. Imagine being the attorney who successfully took down a few cyber bullies hiding behind a laptop at some green mermaid’s java joint. You could write a book.

Want a well written and researched article on the subject? Check out Kristen Lamb’s blog, here!  And pour yourself a cup of coffee. It might make you a better human. After all, it’s done wonders for me.   I think.

What say you, writer types? And you, too, regular normal people?


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