National Novel Writing Month 111210

National Novel Writing Month 111210 (Photo credit: Jennie Ivins)

So what does Nanowrimo, that month long trek where thousands upon thousands of writers clack out 50,000 words or more in a valiant attempt to write a novel, have to do with the world of economics?

In the olden days, as in the days before the era of the ubiquitous word-processing PC, I would have said the timber industry benefited most from writers due to the vast reams of paper wasted used typing “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Today, I think the purchase of choice for writers might very well be coffee. Thirty days to write fifty thousand words in some sort of coherent order? The cream and sugar industry might want to stock up, too.

Regardless of the clown show in Washington DC (and no disrespect to actual clowns intended,) watch the futures market and see if the coffee bean grows in value between now and December. I think I may just chart the value of Starbucks stock to see if there is any correlation. I don’t usually write nonfiction, but this could get interesting.  As screwy as the Market is, could my book  Nano-Economics and the Bean end up being a best seller? Couldn’t be any less wrong than all of the other books out there. Right?

If you haven’t taken the plunge to sign up for Nanowrimo – you have 16 days before the clock starts clicking and you start clacking!

<lifts 16 ounce cup of java in your honor>



2 thoughts on “Nano-Economics

  1. Yes, for better or worse I signed up..again. I actually have an outline and the characterizations thought out this time so maybe, just maybe I’ll end up with something better than bird cage liner. No disrespect to bird cage liners, intended.

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