Why wait until November?

Ilha da Queimada Grande - Itanhaém2

Ilha da Queimada Grande – Itanhaém2 (Photo credit: Prefeitura Municipal de Itanhaém)

Nanowrimo is a 50,000 word writer’s slogfest, replete with wandering plots, bleary eyes and certainly gallons upon gallons of coffee. And it is one of the most insane fun things a new writer can attempt. All for the want of a completed draft manuscript and a little, albeit colorful icon you can place on your blog somewhere. I’ve tried Nano three times, two of them ending successfully.

But it’s not November, yes?

Why wait? I have done the requisite character studies, outlined the basic plot lines. There are thousands of little tidbits of information rattling around my brain, just waiting to be deployed onto the pages of the next best-seller.  The Brazilian island of Queimada Grande had more than the world’s only colony of golden lancehead pit vipers, it was also the hidden sanctuary of Miss Roya Abassi, the Persion double agent who would bring the Iranian fundamentalists to their knees once and for all, but not for evening prayers…

And that’s not even the first line.

Here we go: 1,500 words a day. And look, the coffee is cool enough to drink now.

Keep writing.



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