Dear NSA…

Some people are upset with the revelation that the National Security Agency has been snooping on phone records, internet searches, text messages, et al. Not me. Nope. I think it is great! I mean, really – think of the job creation here. Somewhere in a nondescript red brick warehouse in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area there are probably hundreds of analysts pouring over my internet searches about Iranian intel units, spy operations throughout history, even my quest for the best use of habanero chili peppers. Hopefully they won’t get too bored. And then there are the guys in suits, driving the big black SUVs, people I am sure are following me. Of course, I work in an office park, so perhaps they are just other businessmen on their way to the office, but…

Not that I am paranoid, but I think it may just be the regular coffee I drank this morning by mistake. Didn’t I ask for decaf? Maybe not.

Anyway – for all you secret squirrels and anyone else wanting to risk being put on a list following this blog – rejoice in the fact I have a decent outline of the first two acts of my current thriller: The Mistress. What this means to me is that I am tracking well to finish the outline by Friday, meaning I can start the Nanowrimo slogfest very, very soon!

But first, I need to pack up my gear and leave the coffeehouse pronto. A guy wearing sunglasses just walked in. (I know, living near the beach – who wears sunglasses?)


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