Update on The Mistress

Just have time for a quick update on the work in progress, my military/political/espionage thriller, working title: The Mistress. The basic story arc – done. Protagonist character sketch – done, although I am trying different names right now. Currently he is named Blackie Sherrod, but that will probably change, since there actually “is” a Blackie Sherrod. The main antagonist – Cedric Conway – his character sketch is done, as well. Like all bad guys in thrillers, he ends up in a much different strata of life than when he started. Can one really be an “Assistant Plenipotentiary (Facilities) of Requisitions?” I think he will be the guy who counts the rolls of toilet paper in the supply closet at the end of each day. A suitable ending for a sniveling career politician, me thinks.

A few more character sketches to go, then it’s off to the races, Nanowrimo style.

Special thanks to all those who have visited the blog recently. I try to find time on the weekends to visit everyone, if just to say thanks. And remember, I’m not published and there may be a reason for it!

That’ll (sic) change, assuming I get this novel onto “paper.”

Have an awesome day, writers!


3 thoughts on “Update on The Mistress

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