Introducing Tex Logan…


The start of a character sketch on the protagonist, Tex Logan, in my new wip: The Mistress.


Thomas “Tex” Logan, age 55, is a retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant and “special operator.” Highly regarded in Marine Corps and covert ops circles as a clutch man, the go-to guy when things look bleak, Tex understands modern technology very well yet prefers to do things the old fashioned way and has never failed to complete the mission. He now prefers to live low on the grid. If you Google his name, he won’t be there – at all. He has settled on Willoughby Spit, just south of Galveston, Texas, living on a fishing boat, the Abigail II, a ship he won in a card game.


When Tex worked joint ops with the CIA, he often had to bail out young Cedric Collins, son of a long-time US Senator and a novice company field operative who usually overestimated his own ability. In fact, it was Cedric who caused half of Tex’s team to die during an operation against an Afghani warlord selling opium wholesale to corrupt American contractors. Cedric wanted to be a part of the action so he inserted himself on a resupply run, only to post a photo of the ammo drop to his social media page. Unfortunately, Cedric hadn’t turned off the GPS locator on his phone. Everyone learned too late that a “sexy woman” whom Cedric had “friend-ed” on his social media page was actually a college educated son of the warlord. The son had been monitoring Cedric’s page and relayed the location of Tex and his team to his father.


Four team members were killed in a hail of small arms fire and incoming mortar barrage. Tex was severely wounded, his number two man, Gunnery Sergeant Chester “The Blade” Thompson was hurt worse. Tex helped the Blade to safety, hiding out until they could reach a UN sponsored refugee camp. Posing as lost journalists, they were eventually repatriated to the US by way of the US Embassy in Paris. Tex had done a tour as an Assistant Military Attaché there and still had connections there. It was there they found Cedric had written the official report of the classified operation, saying Tex had used good initiative but poor judgment by proceeding with a mission without proper T and E (equipment) causing the death of four team members.


Disillusioned by the cover-up propagated by Collins and supported by his father’s peers, both Tex and the Blade opted to medically retire and move as far from the military and federal government establishment as possible. Blade thought about Alaska, but Tex reminded him about his dislike of snow. Tex offered his home state, saying given their druthers, Texas would rather go back to being an independent republic anyway.


Tex knew an old oil and gas man, Franklin Todd, who had a few oil derricks in the Gulf of Mexico that were no longer were producing yet made excellent weekend getaways. The decision was made – The Blade would open a gun and tackle shop in Willoughby Spit; Tex would stay on the Abigail. They just wanted to live the quiet life, perhaps find a few Latinas and start families, fish for red trout in the spring and summer, hunt deer and pig in the fall and winter. They vowed to never speak of their previous lives again. If trouble ever did knock on their door, Tex knew the Abigail could get them to one of the oil derricks, a platform Tex had outfitted as a sea-going fortress.


Everything was as it should have been, until one day a French woman, Madeline Levieux, walked into the Blade’s store, asking for Tex…



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