Willie Nelson meets Jethro Gibbs?


Leroy Jethro Gibbs has rules. A lot of rules. Willie Nelson? Not so much. Leroy also slaps the crap out the back of Tony and Tim’s head, more so Tony than anyone. Willie? Again, not so much. And what does this have to do with anything?  Stand by for change… I booted up the laptop this morning and before Blood Lust could load, another novel started typing on my screen. In an hour I had the major characters, several minor characters and a pretty decent story arc written down. Written down, as in typed and everything. All those years of Top P. slapping the backs of our brain housing groups must finally be taking their toll  paying off.


So what to do? Abandon 10,000 words? Hardly. But they are on hiatus for now, for I must follow this trail to the end; see where the rabbit reemerges. That’s all for now. Be surprised. I was. I still am. More wine. I think the real issue was one of crafting a book as opposed to letting the book write itself. This new one is going faster than Willie Nelson writing On the Road Again.  I hope to post the first few chapters on the new Book Country writer’s site in the next week or so. Get some cookies, too.


And head slaps? Nothing much to do about writing, but it did remind me of Gibb’s Rule #50: Always go with your gut. And in this case, I think I will.


The mason jar is empty… The Mistress awaits.





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