Blood Lust – the update

Update on Blood Lust, my newest work in progress. A paranormal thriller with just a hint of romance (but not much since I suck at writing in that genre so much as to jump genres,) the story is following the hero’s journey. Unfamiliar with this style of storytelling? Check out this explanation if you want but think of the Star Wars bi-trilogy. So far, in Blood Lust at least, the hero Bick Parker has (1) had a decent life upended by circumstances beyond his control, (2) learned of a conflict existing at a level far beyond his paradigm of the universe and (3) is having to make a choice to accept the challenge presented by that conflict. Of course, in the hero’s journey – this is the point where he refuses. More to follow on that one.

To set the story up, I have found a prologue, written by one of the supporting characters. This device is one I first encountered when delving into the “world” of Carlos Castaneda. Interesting stuff; check him out, but I don’t recommend the peyote.

For your reading enjoyment:

Blood Lust: Prologue

The average human being has the ability to see a multitude of colors ranging from the deepest purple black hues found resting on the horizon of a western mountain ridge line as the sun sets behind it to the most brilliant and blinding shade of almost pure white, akin to virgin arctic snow, new fallen, blanketed by undeterred sunshine. In scientific terms, our brains recognize a visible spectrum running about 430 Terahertz on the low end to an upper limit of 790 or so. Of course, this doesn’t mean the universe is devoid of physical objects outside of those parameters. Hardly. Radio waves, gamma rays and all other manner of energy do exist. And while we may not be able to see them, with the right equipment we can measure that energy and show its effect, thus proving existence.

This brings us to my friend, Bick Parker. The man had everything – a great and heroic military career, then a leadership position in the biggest company in town. Even after his troubles began, he ran a good floor at the bar. Fights, few as they were, never seemed to last long and Bick was always, and I mean always the one still standing when the jukebox kicked back on. That’s why I didn’t hesitate giving him the liquid courage he seemed to need when she came to visit. You see, Bick had eyes for a beautiful woman, Laska Smith, his supervisor at work before she fired the man. In a roundabout way, I guess she had played hard to get. Looking back now, I think she outright refused his advances, but even so, Bick was the man who fought for the underdog and in matters of the heart – he was him.

So how does a combat tested former recon Marine like Bick Parker mix with the physics of energy? Not well, apparently. What I know at this point is our visible universe, the comfortable and natural world between 430 and 790 Terahertz, had been breached by evil beings from the unseen zones existing outside of those numeric parameters; a parallel world whose physical matter vibrated at a slightly different frequency than our own. As Bick soon found out, those creatures were neither trying to measure us nor prove our existence; they were all too familiar with us, having once coexisted with our ancestors. Yes, you heard correctly.

Like every society, there were good and bad denizens residing in this extraspectral universe. The worst of the worst, a vampiric legion, had finally broken the spell holding them prisoner in their own land and they wanted revenge; wanton revenge on the witch who had exiled them three hundred years past. The seeming object of their ire was Laska Smith. And despite the friction between the two of them, Bick Parker, newly minted private eye trying to make ends meet, allowed his lust for the woman to overtake his sensibilities. She asked, no begged for help and he accepted the challenge. This would be his first big case – a job that would take him to the faltering bridge between two worlds colliding.

Pray for Bick Parker. I have not seen him since.

Charles Waylon Custis

Owner, Black Tip Enterprises, Inc.

Norfolk, Virginia


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