Ian Fleming said what?

I have spent a good part of the week reading, and am much better for it. I won’t bore you with all the sordid details, but I recommend to you writers that if you are not reading, you should be, and throw some research in for fun. Not just research on the general lifestyle of ninjas in rural, Ming Dynasty Japan for your historic suspense novel, but also research other writers. Find a link online and just keep going. You never know what may turn up.

To wit: I was tooling around the Internet, as I am want to do on occasion, and came across a short essay by Ian Fleming, yes that Ian Fleming, on “How to Write a Thriller.” Kind of dated in some respects but still chock full ‘o wisdom. I especially like how he differentiates authors from writers. I’d plagiarize here but you are certainly capable of clicking on the link.

Here’s the cool part (as if reading Ian’s personal thoughts on writing isn’t cool enough.) The blogger who researched and then reposted the essay is Peter Morwood. Not familiar with the name? Star Trek fans, Batman fans and others of the same ilk may (should) know the name. I’ll let you do your own investigation (click here) but suffice to say, you never know who you will meet when researching. Do I think I will have the same career as Peter? No way. But his path shows it is possible to be successful in more than one area. Writing is writing and your imagination is the limit!

Oh yes, one final thought on research. Everyone wants to be published. No shocker there. And to help our novels, we spend a ton of time on that research. After all, no one wants to have their private eye “flip the safety off on his snub-nosed revolver…” when there actually isn’t a safety to flip. If anything, the weapon would have a grip safety, but I digress. So please, if you do get published – do the same research on your cover art. You may not get a say in the matter, but if there are errors on the cover art, at least bring it to someone’s attention.

PS – if your book is the one that has a sketch of a Marine in his dress blue uniform, make sure the medals are on the wearer’s left side of the blouse, not the right. Just saying… No link included, to protect the innocent.

Off the soap box now. Back to reading!

Ian Wright cameo on Doctor Who?

Ian Wright cameo on Doctor Who? (Photo credit: mistersnappy)



3 thoughts on “Ian Fleming said what?

  1. If you are interested in writing a thriller, here is a book written by the agent who had the most best-selling thriller authors. Writing the Blockbuster Novel by Ken Follett. Good luck on your research.

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