A Writer’s Weekly List?

Well, it’s Sunday evening here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and that means we are all very tired. Being exhausted on a Sunday just comes with the territory of being married to a pastor, I guess. Today was okay for me, but it was non-stop for her since she did three services in two churches then hit the road for a three day conference in central Virginia. All I have to do now is pet-sit three puppies and a cat, plus water some plants – as long as I don’t forget. Come to think of it – maybe we’re even. No, I got the better end of this schedule.

I should probably have Siri add “water the plants” to the reminder list on my phone.

Speaking of lists, you may have noticed that we all live by lists: to-do lists, grocery lists, birthday wish lists, top ten lists, even bucket lists. I know a guy who works in the television and motion picture industry, and every Friday evening he sends out a note to his peers, asking them to list what projects they are working on at that very minute. In case you ever wanted to know, Hollywood tech people seem to work into the late hours of the night, even on Fridays, editing what has just happened or setting up for is about to happen.

This parallels writers, I think, since we seem to write whenever we can – even if it is on a Friday night.

Some of us like to recap what we have written over the past week. I suppose I could do that – I wrote a decent opening line to Blood Lust and a few paragraphs to start it off. I also posted the non-profit’s quarterly corporate newsletter to the social media sites. And this is all well and good but the problem I see now is that I know what I have already done.

Isn’t it more important to know what you intend to do?

Here’s my writer’s to-do list for this next week:

– Complete the first chapter of Blood Lust. (Maybe this is more of a wish-list entry?)

– Create a new recipe for Exploding Potatoes; then cook it, take the photos and write the post. Hint: it involves tater tots!

– Write the script for the corporate presentation. This is a work thing, not a personal writing thing. But it is still writing.

– Organize and hopefully delegate some of the writing requirements for the non-profit’s next event. Deadline is the week before Memorial Day so the clock is ticking.

– Write the next writer’s to-do list, with a recap of how this week went.

I think that should about do it.

Lists. Do you have one? Are you successful at completing your lists? Are you sick and tired of lists? I may be by the end of this week.

Stay tuned…








3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Weekly List?

  1. I definitely live by lists…nothing would ever get done if I didn’t have lists! However, a lot of my lists are in my head and not on paper. Love reading your blog!

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