Where do you prefer to write?

Miles Davis

Miles Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where can you sit, your thoughts your own, with no distractions, and write with abandon? At home? In an office? Perhaps somewhere outside, away from those who want you to hear their story of how they always wanted to be a writer but never had time?  I have found (lately, at least) that I am getting a decent amount of quality writing accomplished at my Secret Early Morning Writer’s Center and Coffee Shop. Not many people know about this place, which makes it a nice place to clack a few keys and make progress on the novel.  The music is usually pretty good, not too overbearing, and there is a constant stream of writing prompts that enter the SEMWC&CS, if only for a few minutes.

A few observations:

Music – today, classical guitar of the Segovian-style. Yesterday, we were graced with a conversation between Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley from the Blue Note 1595 reissue, if you are interested.

The Regulars – the retired physician, an avid reader. A nice guy, he has an unofficial reservation on the first leather chair. We also have our local police officer, a K-9 man to be specific, who always ends his shift here. Too bad he can’t bring his dog in here. I think that would be way cool! We usually have two “almost” theologians, discussing what is wrong with the world. If your world has a problem, I am sure they have already come up with a solution for you. Just ask them. But really, don’t. It will just encourage them.  There are others – a steady mix of students (a veritable fashion show from Cache and A&F,) business people trying to fix their ties while balancing that cardboard tray holding coffee for the boss, and a fleet of sailors on their way to one of the many Navy bases we have in our area. No need to look farther for writing prompts…

The Staff – The happy guy who wants to know everyone. Every group has a happy guy, sometimes it’s a girl. I think it’s a law.  Then there is the hipster dude with the closely cropped full beard. He never says anything; probably the smartest guy here. At the counter today is a nice lady, a woman who is on her third career now thanks to the recent recession and two ex-husbands. Did I mention some people like to share far beyond what is needed? Sometimes we have the girl “from the hood” who is really not. But she tries.

The Writing  – yesterday I determined how the antagonist will meet his end and in the process incorporated a new subplot. Very cool. This morning is blog time; tonight you will probably find me working on how Blood Lust will end.  At the SEMWC&CS, I usually get an hour and a half of solid writing done. Makes the 2 dollar coffee worth it.

And speaking of libations – for me it is coffee.  No cream, no sugar. No mocha, whipped cream, or anything else. Just coffee. Hot and straight up. Is there a better way to start the day?

I think not.

If you can find the SEMWC&CS, feel free to snag a power outlet and join me. I’m the guy who always sits in the corner facing the door (the apex of paranoia?)  Or just have some coffee and watch the people. So many stories, so little time…

Where is your favorite place to write?


One thought on “Where do you prefer to write?

  1. I write a lot online with friends, in a chat room like situation, where we post in turn to create stories. Role play in para. I love the immediate feedback, and with help from music on youtube, and a coffee from the kitchen, been having a ball.

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