Free and Worth Every Penny

Ever do something on a whim? Sometimes it works – other times not. Now that I think about it, whims are often put in the same realm as double dog dares. Those never end well. Semantics aside, here are a few of the more notable whim-inspired disasters behaviors I have seen in the past:

– One guy drank a bottle of ketchup – just before he had to sit on a plane for about 10 hours. Fortunately, no one else needed to use the small aft restroom on that flight. (No, it wasn’t me.)

– One guy bet he could best the competition in a drinking contest in which the winner was the person who became nauseous first. (Again, not me, but I was a witness.)

– One guy talked his friends into hanging onto a rope – a rope attached to a helicopter flying 800 feet over the beautiful hills of Southern California. (Of course not me – but I was, ahem, one of the friends…)

Notice how these whims are all “guy” oriented? I am sure women do no such whimsical activities, unless protocol is voided by going directly to the triple dog dare; but that is another story.

My latest whim? The “free” business card from Vista Print. In case you are wondering, the free card cost about $18.90 including tax and shipping. Okay, so I know I should have issue with the term free, but the card turned out well. And in Vista Print’s defense, you can get cards for just the cost of shipping. But – now I have something to hand out at my coffee shop central urban writing center. It’s not a bottle of ketchup, I know, but I think it’s cool.  Here’s an image (slightly cantered due to my “excellent” camera skills…

Biz Card





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