Yes, the Earth is flat…

because it seems I have dropped off the face of it.

Quick update:  computer died (sigh.)  It’ll be a bit before I can get a new one, so I am doing hit and run posts when I can grab a few minutes on other computers.  Writing?  I have resorted to (gasp) using paper and pen.  Well, you know I started out writing this way way, so I just consider it my new retro period.

And what am I writing?  The new wip is called “Fairplay” and it features my favorite character, Witt Kepler.  Dr. Carolyn Peabody takes a more prominent role, and Witt’s partner in the serial, Mountie Guthrie Oaks, will make an appearance eventually.

“Whatever you are doing, it is wrong!”

Sorry, had to address the cat.

Anyhow. I am putting my most recent novel on the back shelf for a while. It needs more than just edits.  More like a total rewrite.  But, I am taking the lessons I have learned from writing the novel and the two serials, and am applying it to Fairplay.  Fingers would be crossed, but I am typing.

I also ran across a newer version of the Snowflake method, which is a nifty organizational tool.  Created by the same person, this new concept calls for the writer to think in terms of scenes and sequels.  It goes something like this:


– Goal

– Conflict

– Disaster


– Reaction

– Dilemma

– Decision

The decision will segue into the next scene. Put all of this into the traditional framework of a thriller or mystery and you are all set.  Check out Advanced Fiction Writing for better more information.

Whoa, Nelly.  I have just become the most organized “pants’er” ever!

Until next time, friends.  Keep writing, for culture above all else will be for what our society will be remembered. Unless we screw it up!





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