Trading a Can of Spam for Door Number Three?

Publicity photo of Carol Merrill, Monty Hall a...


Okay, the final exam is “finally” done and today marks the first day in a long time I have had no studies to, well, study. And that means it is time to get back to writing. At least as much as I can before my next class starts in two weeks.


But wait, I have been thinking about one of life’s eternal, and very unrelated, questions: what exactly is in a can of Spam?


Some things are best left unknown, I guess. And besides, my tastes have changed from fried Spam to fried scrapple.


Which brings me to another eternal question: what should I write?


– Spoiler Alert –


Time to write another book.


Yep. I know, I know. I do have two novels that still sit, unpolished. Yet, I feel I it is time to trade in the can of Spam for whatever is behind door number three.

So where does that leave Witt Kepler and Blackie Sherwood?


Not sure yet. But – the novel will be about Witt Kepler, and the story arc will be similar to the one he has just embarked. So if you read the first two or three episodes, you are ahead of the game.


I will still post, but it will be more about my writing challenges, interaction with other writers, and occasionally Spam. The goal is a Nanowrimo-on-crack 70,000 words, but there is no time limit. The only qualifier is that the words must be the right words. Hmmm. This could take a while.


In the end, it all boils down to finding out what Carol Merrill has behind door number three.


I hope its a can of Spam decent novel.


Now, for some reason, I’m hungry…





3 thoughts on “Trading a Can of Spam for Door Number Three?

  1. Kina is half Hawaiian, so she can tell you all about Spam, and the myriad of ways to prepare it. Spam, eggs, and rice is pretty good.

    I’m partial to a Bacon-BBQ-cheddar burger from Smashburger…(seeing how there’s no Snuffers in the greater Phoenix area…)

    Maybe you can write a mystery novel involving the big bands?

    “Stan Kenton’s got a gun, an attitude, and two baris in his sax section…”

    “Someone just missed a note, and Buddy Rich is gonna find out who!”

    Okay…maybe Witt Kepler is a better idea…

    • I grew eating Spam once a month,on camp-outs. I still love it. My vegetarian family, however…

      I think I can throw in a Buddy Rich-esque scene somewhere. But, holy cow – can you imagine Buddy Rich with a gun on the bandstand? The saxes would be goners!

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