The Book of Spells, Revealed

Episode 4 of Blood Lust

A tall tale of vampire pirates living in modern day Virginia.

Blackie stared at the old book, wondering how a slick-haired, well dressed lawyer would happen to have a book describing a potion used to kill vampires. He had never been to law school, but was fairly confident this was not a normally taught subject. The ingredients needed for the potion were, for the most part, fairly common. Raccoon’s tail was about the strangest thing listed. There was one part, though, that piqued Blackie’s interest: “a tooth from d’smokin beard of d’pirate anglais.”

“This is some book you got here, Mr. Scribbs. Just why do I need to be reading it?”

The lawyer closed the book, bringing it back close to his chest. “Mr. Sherwood, my father sent this book to me last week. With it he enclosed a note, saying he had been discovered and feared his death would be soon coming. As you saw this morning, he was correct in his premonitions.”

“Still, what has this to do with me? You may not have heard, but this Ranger Post is closing at the end of the week. I’ll be on the next bus out of town, looking for a new job. And unless these vampires can use a guy like me on the payroll, I don’t think I’ll have time for them.”

“You’re a park ranger or whatever, right? You solve problems every day. Sometimes it’s helping an injured animal, sometimes it keeping poachers at bay. Well, let me give you a new problem to think about. Mr. Sherwood, there is a feud that has been going on for nearly three centuries. It has spanned several continents and has taken countless lives. For the past fifty years, the feud has been simmering, both sides unsure where the other was located. Last week, one side made a discovery.”

“Your father? I still don’t get-“

“My father’s death will just be the beginning. A slaughter of unimaginable proportions will be forthcoming unless we, that is to say – you – stop it. As for me, my job in all this is to protect the book, which I shall.”

The Ranger slid his chair back from the desk, away from the lawyer. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, Blackie tilted his head and gave the solicitor a skeptical eye.

“And my job?”

“Your job, Blackie Sherwood, son of Grace, is to find the missing limb from my family tree before the others do. Your family saved mine back on the Lady Beaufort, you must do it again.”

Blackie’s anxiety was rising. Was he starting to believe all the hype about vampire’s? Could all those stories told by the old-timers at the Half Shell Diner be true?

What the heck. I’m essentially unemployed and unattached.

“And where might I start looking?”

The lawyer stood up, book in hand, and started walking to the door. “They will find you, Blackie Sherwood. They will find you.”

Blackie suddenly remembered the woman at the diner.

After he watched Anton Scribbs drive away, Blackie turned to Mags the dog. “Well, Mags, I guess it’s another trip out to the lighthouse.”

The old retriever gave a deep, guttural growl.

“You may be right, girl. We’ll pick up some garlic on the way…”


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