Vampire Pirates, anyone?

Aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) Nov. 9, ...

Aboard USS George Washington (CVN 73) Nov. 9, 2003 — The USS George Washington (CVN 73), sails past the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on the way to sea, as it prepares for the Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) in the Atlantic Ocean. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate Airman Joan Kretschmer. (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now, you probably know that I commute across a very long bridge spanning the watery border between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Its a great drive, normally. And you see a lot of interesting stuff during that 18 mile excursion, from pods of dolphins to freighters playing chicken. Occasionally an aircraft carrier or sub will go by, too. Cool stuff.

What caught my attention was the wailing, obnoxious tone of the emergency broadcast system interrupting my NPR listening time. The computerized voice began to tell me that a line of severe thunderstorms was heading toward the Eastern Shore and that flash flooding was possible.

In truth, I had been watching the wall of dark clouds coming from the west since I started my journey on the bridge towards the Shore. This evening, the Bay had an unusual tint of green to it and the waves looked like they were simmering, just waiting to boil over. Hmmm. There were no seagulls on the bridge, either. Something was afoot.

As I left the bridge and drove onto Fisherman Island, I looked at the abandoned lighthouse off in the distance. Many an Eastern Shore legend stems from the area around the old lighthouse. And that got me thinking.

Clearly, we will be visited by vampire pirates.


More to follow…


10 thoughts on “Vampire Pirates, anyone?

  1. More to follow… unless you get press-ganged by vampire pirates.
    Although, if they let you take your computer with, you’d find yourself with more blog post material than most would know what to do with!

    • If my storyline goes as planned, only one person will be press-ganged. And he won’t mind coming aboard the ship. At first…

    • Oh no, I wouldn’t want to change the running water theory. In fact, the watery border of doom plays a critical part in the story!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I should have the introductory episode of Blood Lust written this week. I’m excited just thinking about it!

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