On Indie-Publishing, with a side of Naan


Tandoori Chicken, Mumbai

Tandoori Chicken, Mumbai (Photo credit: kspoddar / Wikipedia)

I am “thrilled” so many companies want to make me and my book famous, for a fee. And since they surely will be helpful, timely and responsive to my needs and questions,  I should be on the best seller list in no time with so much support. After all, with 24/7/365 assistance from editors, copy writers, cover designers and marketing strategists, how could I go wrong?

What? No, I am not on drugs. You say I am mistaken?

Maybe this is a case of choosing the least of all evils. I don’t know. But I have taken a cursory tour of the more well-known options and have found that Penguin’s Book Country has received some negative press recently, regarding excessive fees and unpopular royalty rates. I was a second gen beta tester on Book Country and the site looked friendly and collaborative. Maybe things have changed. I don’t know, I didn’t stay with them.

I see many peers like to indie publish using CreateSpace and Smashwords. I am liking Smash more than Create, but I shan’t espouse my personal bias here, lest the solicitors render me a cease and desist letter.

Authonomy, sponsored by Harper Collins, looks like it has potential. I still have to research the facts there. At least I have not seen anything negative yet. And believe it or not, Harlequin‘s Carina Press has a pretty good marketing program, and they are strictly ebook. This doesn’t really qualify as indie-publishing, but it is definitely not the traditional path. The cool thing about Carina is that they have branched out past romances. It may be worth a query just to get into their marketing stream, with exposure to all those readers who purchase romance novels. Hmmm.

Thoughts? Preferences? Should I just buy an old wine press and pretend I’m Gutenberg?  (Maybe I should buy one anyway, and a ton of grapes?)

I’ll keep pondering. But first, it’s off to Good Friday services, then dinner with the number one son and his girl. Tonight’s menu is Indian food, as in naan, curry and tasty things cooked in tandoor ovens. I may be on the wrong blog. Check Exploding Potatoes later…

In the meantime, let me hear your opinion on publishing platforms. And don’t rule the wine press out!

I’ll follow up on my Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked” it yet, just look to the right and up a bit and you should see a link to press. Go for it! It’s free!!!


5 thoughts on “On Indie-Publishing, with a side of Naan

  1. my only advice is to double check your double checks before proceeding…Most likely you will have to become a marketing executive, event planner, and a host of other things to sell your books, which may suit you just fine. Writer’s Weekly offers up some reviews on Indie/self-publishing houses too. Now the wine press idea is right up my alley…;)

    • I am just learning about indie publishing; many of my blogging friends are well versed and are willing to share knowledge. The food was awesome – post coming tomorrow on my other blog, Exploding Potatoes.
      Thanks for stopping by – and commenting!

  2. DJ
    I need to introduce you to Dean Wesley Smith’s blog http://www.deanwesleysmith.com/ . This author has been on the traditional circuit for many years and is now putting many of his works on the indie-side. He is really good at putting the whole writing-publishing business in a nutshell.

    It is a great website with some really good reads.


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