Writing with Direction?

You may not have won the big Mega Millions lottery, but you are so very lucky. I just erased the third draft of my diatribe concerning publishing houses and accusations of collusion and price-fixing. On to more pleasant subjects.

Where, exactly, is Witt Kepler going?  Well, a new story arc outline has been completed.  I have also thought of new concepts for future arcs. Overall character goal determined: keep Witt wanting to be the hard-boiled detective, while forcing him to be the modern man. Spoiler alert: you may not agree with some of Witt’s choices in future episodes, but it will be okay, really. Long term goal: produce a podcast of each episode, complete with theme music and sound effects.

That should keep me out of the bars at night.

Thanks to all my subscribers. We have over 50 now! And the Facebook page is starting to generate interest. I must admit, even I am surprised at that one.

Enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter, too, a few days early!

And when you start writing tomorrow, ask yourself – where am I going with this?












5 thoughts on “Writing with Direction?

    • Oh, I’ll keep writing! I am just very disappointed with the greed and misdirection of mainstream “big” publishers. So yes, I am clearly planning an indie approach now. Thanks for the kind words , too!

  1. DJ, you are so smart and talented. I love how your work keeps evolving and keeps getting better. I love the Witt Kepler story arc and your plans for it sound so very exciting! Yes, I think Indie publishing will be a better friend to you…it’s so different from years ago. No one thought much of it then. Now it’s a new story all together (was that a pun?) You’re an inspiration!

  2. DJ
    I believe that you’re writing is ready for indie-publishing. It is a different ballgame, but there are a lot of people who will support you as you continue.


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