The Problem with Leaping

…is that you assume you know where you are landing.  Sure, it may look like solid ground, but what if a wary trapper has dug a tiger pit and carefully camouflaged the opening?  Perhaps you will land in quicksand, with no Tarzan to pull you out.  For you Fringe fans, you could always land on a portal into the alternate (Walternate) universe. Worst-case scenario, though, you could land in another social network.

Yes, people, you guessed it – I have moved past the era of straight gin martinis and pretzel sticks by leaping onto Facebook with an author page.

Not to worry, my stories will still be posted here, as will random posts about writing, writers, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Facebook page will just allow me to post short updates, in a more efficient (read: quicker) fashion.

Stop by using the link above. It should be an interesting ride. Did anyone see where I parked my blimp?

M class blimp

M class blimp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



5 thoughts on “The Problem with Leaping

  1. Congrats – I hope there were no bear traps or other types of scary thins. I have an author page under the name Cyn Bagley.
    Can’t wait to see you there.


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