UPDATE: Could this be a Polygraph 3? Nope!

UPDATE: Thanks to Richard of the Typosphere…

who has identified this typewriter as a Hammond No. 2.  Thanks so much, sir! And if you are a typewriter enthusiast, you need to check out his blog. Outstanding stuff! Makes me want to get the old toothbrush out and clean out the keys of the Underwood sitting on my desk. Seriously. Check it out.

Original Post:

(I have spent this past week celebrating our 25th anniversary, hence no posts lately –  not even witty replies or comments to everyone’s fine work. But I will catch up.)

While touring the absolutely amazing botanical environs of Pierre S. du Pont’s estate, known as Longwood Gardens, I came across some very unexpected items, particularly while wandering through the estate house. The 9-foot, walnut veneer Steinway piano stood out, as did the poster of du Pont meeting John Philip Sousa.

But what was really interesting, from a writer’s standpoint, was the office inside the estate house. Sitting unfortunately too far away for close inspection was an old typewriter, complete with wooden case. I took the picture and then did the research later, trying to confirm the model.

It appears that Pierre S. du Pont may have used a German typewriter, a Polygraph 3. Not many around from what I can tell. Next time I am there, I will see if I can get permission to have a closer look.

What does this have to do with writing? Not much, really, at face value, since du Pont was known more for his skill as a chemist and industrialist than as a writer. Of course, there are those who traipse the globe looking for rare antique machines, so this find would qualify as a “triple woot!” For me, after seeing a type writing machine that was probably a century in age, or more, I can only imagine the giants of old, clacking away, churning out classics.

If only it were that easy!

The vacation travel is over now, so once I get through tagging and cropping photos, I will get back to it, most likely on my netbook. Not quite a Polygraph 3, but a hundred years from now, who knows how my little device will be viewed.

Next up: the next episode of Witt Kepler, estimated posting on 1 April.





7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Could this be a Polygraph 3? Nope!

  1. Happy belated anniversary DJ! Glad you took some well deserved time off to savor some special moments. 🙂

    That typewriter looks evil! LOL I used to type on my Dad’s old black Royal–a monster I thought it was even then. In the future…who knows what they’ll think of us and what we use now. I’d kind of like to know…wouldn’t you? xo

    • This week has been great for both me and my wife. We needed the break, to be sure. And yes, if I could see into the future – I would love to hear what the “future” writers think of us! I bet they will have the same problems: character development, plots, tense issues, rejection letters, and of course – new technology!

  2. I’m glad to have found your blog. All of your posts are very intriguing. I received an old typewriter for Christmas a few years ago and have had nowhere to display it in my various efficiency-sized abodes. Maybe one day I will have the space and I’ll make a post like this. One thing you probably didn’t notice from a distance–old typewriters….they weigh about a ton!!

    By the way, I’m currently in the process of switching my blog over to wordpress.org. A lot more complicated than I’d originally considered it to be… but I’m trudging along. I also have a bit of career news that I’ll soon be unveiling as well. Don’t worry, I will link you when it’s ready!

    • Old typewriters – yes they weigh a ton! I have hoisted my fair share over the years and thoroughly enjoy my “portable” Underwood that never moves from the desk now. Switching blog platforms can be tricky; I have never known the formatting to remain intact. Best of luck to you. And career news? Now I am excited!

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