Why writers don’t write

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

“That guy should be a writer!”

“Well, actually, he “is” a writer.”

So went a recent conversation between my boss and a local restaurant owner. They were discussing a review I had published online in Urbanspoon.  The review, a positive one regarding the owner’s new restaurant, had received hundreds of hits. The owner was, to say the least, very happy. The unusual thing, though, was my boss (remember, I am really a spreadsheet doctor in a muzak-less corporate environment) referred to me as a writer, something I do not do much at all while at work in the cube farm.   And I wasn’t even there to bribe anyone.

So if I am a writer, why haven’t I been writing lately?


It happens. This week is the final exam in IS6679 Information Systems Management (as fun as it sounds, believe me.) Then there are the 6 books I have on my reading list. Of course, I still have one new recipe to test drive for the food blog. At least it’s ice cream. If it goes wrong, it’s still ice cream! Somewhere in there I also have a family, plus two puppies. So writing every day just hasn’t happened.

But that’s okay.


Because slowing down will allow me develop my characters more fully in the weekly series, something I have been wanting to do. Additionally, reading these books will be enjoyable, sharpen my writing saw (to paraphrase Stephen Covey) and show me, through example, structure and character development from a classic “old school” style.

In other words, there is a difference between me writing “more” and me writing “more better.”  (at least I didn’t say mo’ betta.)

And sometimes, that is why writers don’t write.

Until Sunday, friends.  Keep writing, I love reading your stuff!  Unless you need to to take a break, in which case I recommend a good book…and some ice cream.

– D.J.


12 thoughts on “Why writers don’t write

  1. I read this just last year: a writer writes, even when he isn’t writing. I believe Amy Hempel said it. Good for you to recognize what your priorities are. And a special kudos for a boss who recognizes your talent as a writer–that is especially awesome!

    Now, I’d like some ice cream please! A lot of it, actually 🙂

    • Can’t go wrong with ice cream. I am thinking of creating a Rube Goldberg device to make it. Or a plastic bag to shake it. We’ll see. I’ll post the event once it happens.

      • DJ–what is a Rube Goldberg device….?

        And would you give me your food blog link again? I thought I had it saved and can’t find it!

        Thank you!

      • Rube Goldberg designed incredibly complicated machines to accomplish very simple tasks. He would have something filling half the room, powered by marbles sliding down tracks, only to crack an egg at the end, such that the egg would fall into a frying pan. They still run contests each year at http://www.rubegoldberg.com/

        I see you found Exploding Potatoes! That is a fun site, mainly written as a living cookbook for my kids (and eventually grand kids.)

      • Oh, I’ve seen such…didn’t know that’s what it was! I’ll check out the link, and thanks! When I was growing up we used the old crank style ice cream makers. Now I have an electric Cuisinart Ice Cream/Yogurt maker–oh boy oh boy–yum!

        With Exploding Potatoes I think your kids will do just fine knowing they can tap the old family recipes online. 🙂

  2. The speed bumps of life often get in my way….I am learning to go with the flow. I keep a notebook and when I have time I use the creative thoughts written there to stir my creative juices.

    • Yes, you have certainly had your share of “life” impeding on your writing time lately. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Thank you for linking through to my blog and I agree with everything you have said here. You’re absolutely right about the difference between writing more and writing ‘more better’. I think it’s easy to forget about improving the quality of your writing when you have one eye on the clock and the other on the word count.

    • I’m just at one of those temporary base camps, half way up the mountain. If I don’t stop and make an effort to learn and grow, I will never make it to the next tent.

      And thanks for subscribing! I seem to be gaining more friends in the UK than here in America. Maybe I should move?

  4. I know I haven’t been saying thank you enough to your blog – 🙂
    And I try to write every day even if it is only a few sentences. I finished my fourth novel – Woot – I might be a writer. 😉


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