Some books are just meant to be written

While I do not wish sadness on anyone, it is always great to hear of success arising out of tragedy. This post is about a friend of mine, Elizabeth Petrucelli, who has recently published her first book. More on that in a minute. Some background: I met Elizabeth when she and I were in the same Marine Corps unit years ago. Like sometimes happens, she fell in love with another Marine, whom she married, and then eventually both left the service. The couple started a new home and she found a new job, becoming a doula. As much as she loved her work, she also wanted to become a police officer. After many obstacles, Elizabeth did finally earn the badge. On the home-front, though, she also miscarried a baby. This baby would have been their second child.

I’m a guy, so while I understand the trauma and mental anguish involved with a miscarriage, I have not, nor cannot ever physically experience it. I simply cannot imagine. I do know that miscarriage is not uncommon; they occur more often than one realizes. How wonderful, then, that Elizabeth Petrucelli wrote a book about her experiences with her first trimester miscarriage, in hopes of helping others in the same tragic situation.

Elizabeth’s book is called “All That is Seen and Unseen” and is normally available on Amazon. I say normally in that the book was released on February 22nd and it is now sold out. More will be available in a few days.

I have not read the book yet (ordering it soon,) but it is already getting very good response, including one comment from a reader who was grieving not from the loss of a baby but from the loss of another loved one. Grief is something we will all experience at one point in our lives. Probably more than once. I hope that this book brings comfort to all who read it.

All That is Seen and Unseen is just a book that was meant to be written.

I am not pitching this to anyone in hopes of boosting her sales. I do ask, however, if you think you may benefit from a book such as this – or if you know of someone who might, please consider it.

Tragedy can be turned into hope, if we allow it to happen. Elizabeth’s book may be able to help. Oh yes, be sure to read her “About” page. Elizabeth Petrucelli has an inspiring story.



9 thoughts on “Some books are just meant to be written

  1. OMG DJ…she’s here in Colorado! I love it that your long-time friend is here. So, you do realize, don’t you, that the minister’s spouse, just ministered. You did.

    • I actually did not put 2 and 2 together with the Colorado connection, but yup – they live there somewhere. Her husband is also a police officer now, too. Great people. Her website just announced that the ebook version is now available on Smashwords. I would guess she has a link to it on her site.
      Me? Minister? Perish the thought. I have a reputation, you know…

  2. Loosing a child is truly heart wrenching. My husband and I were pregnant 6 times with one loss. I have 5 children and I am truly thankful for what we have. I still wonder about the one we lost.

  3. I admire Elizabeth so much — writing her memoir wasn’t easy, but her hope is to help others through such a terrible loss. She insists that loss, regardless of trimester, is loss. That touches women like me who have lived it and who grieved in silence.

    • I have seen Elizabeth overcome many obstacles, specifically in the Marine Corps. She doesn’t give up and has a great spirit. I am glad you found her book helpful, Melanie.

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