A Thursday that never ends…

You ever have a week where Friday just won’t arrive, and next Monday looks like it wants to start early? That’s been this week for me. I won’t bother you with the details, but I am sure we have all had those types of weeks. Maybe you are having one right now? Let’s hope not. So, to put a positive, less stressful spin on things, I decided to catch up on some blog housekeeping.

Which brings us to the ABC Award, graciously bestowed upon me by Jeannie, The WriterNubbin. If you haven’t read her work, please do. Inspiring! (I always look for the neighborhood moose, too!)

Like all blog awards, there are rules, and since I am typing this off-line, I will do my best to follow along. Here is the gist – using the alphabet, determine words that best describe “you.”

There are probably more rules, or more eloquently stated ones, so check out WriterNubbin’s post for the real deal.

Here we go:

A – Always on the go!

B – Blindly trusting in God, and so far it has worked out better than I could have imagined. Try it sometime!

C – Curmudgeon. It’s what I like to be when life requires a little humor.

D – Diligent, a polite way of saying obsessive.

E – Efficient, in order to have time to be lazy.

F – Foodie, but not a snob-ee

G – Genuine. I gave up trying to be what others want me to be. Like Popeye, I am what I am.

H – Humorous. Like a curmudgeon with the wrong attitude?

I – Inventive. Really? A Mountie as a side kick to private eye Witt Keplar? Really?

J – Jack of some trades, master of fewer.

K – Kebab. Grilled food on a stick. Need I say more?

L – Lazy, as long as everything is done, and done correctly, and double checked, then reviewed.

M – Musical. I always have theme music running through my head. Not from a movie or tv show, my own.

N – Nice. Over the years, I have learned you really can get ahead by being nice.

O – Obsessive. As in, obsessed with being perfect.

P – Perfect. That is to say, perfectly obsessive – I mean, diligent.

Q – As in B-B-Q, barbeque, barbecue, ‘Cue, Barbacoa. Meat cooked over smoke and low flame. Yes.

R – Romantic, in my own way. Maybe I just get in my own way?  Move along.

S – Sarcastic. Pretty obvious, I thought.

T – Technical. If it has buttons, let’s push them!

U – Unabashed. Too old to care?

V – Very fortunate in many respects.

W – Wine, it’s what’s for dinner.

X – Xebec. A small, three-masted pirate ship. Has nothing to do with me.

Y – Young, compared to glaciers. Just not as fast.

Z – Zoinks! I’m done, already??

And there you have it.    D.J. in twenty six letters.

Now I am supposed to pass the ABC Award on to at least four other blogs, but since I follow a multitude of great writers, all with great blogs, I can’t decide right now. Maybe I will search out new blogs, give them some read time and see if they deserve the ABC Award. I bet they will! Time will tell, I guess.

Okay. My lunch break is almost over. Back to the cube farm I go!

Coming Soon – reports from the Christopher Newport University Writer’s Conference!


8 thoughts on “A Thursday that never ends…

  1. I really like that you are a faithful, nice curmudgeon who drinks wine while he perfectly BBQ’s his Kebabs 🙂

    Hopefully this trying week will end and you can ENJOY the conference and come with NEWS!!

    Hang in there DJ!!

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