Sometimes you just have to press “Send.”

Marine Corp Sergeant Major

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This was one of my most often-used phrases back in the day. I usually had occasion to say it on Mondays, when my first task, after getting a cup of coffee, was to check the base police blotter to see how many if any of my people made the cut over the weekend.

What fun that was, sending a note to the Sergeant Major, letting him know I would be down to see him with (fill in the name of errant young lad) to explain why he (choose any number of stupid, alcohol-induced stunts.)

The point was, and still is, that sometimes you just have to get on with the business at hand. Go big or go home, as they say.

And here is where the craft of writing comes into the story.

Yesterday, I signed up for the Christopher Newport University 2012 Writer’s Conference. It is one of the two big events in our area and very popular here. Last time I attended, the main speaker was Brian Haig, writer of military fiction novels. You may remember his father, Alexander. This year, the guest speaker is Edward Bloor, who has published (traditionally) 7 novels more than I have. I don’t really have to explain that one, do I?

Anyway –

Like most writer’s conferences, there are classes, opportunities to read, a few speeches and yes, the chance to have an agent review the first few pages of your novel.

So when it came to check the box indicating I wanted a New York City agency owner to review and critique the first 10 pages of my novel, with me sitting there, across the desk, I remembered all those Mondays.

Why write, if no one reads? Right?

Fortunately, it’s not really a pitch session, more of a time of constructive criticism.  Naive am I, perhaps, but I am hoping the comments will be helpful.

So instead of wandering the streets, playing banjo for quarters, I reminded myself that sometimes you just have to press send.

And send I did.

Film at 11.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to press “Send.”

    • Thanks, Cyn! I could write a book about the knuckleheads I had to deal with on Mondays, but no one would believe it wasn’t fiction.

  1. My husband retired from the Air Force in 2008. He made it to the rank of E-8. I remember getting lots of phone calls at 2am because someone did somethig stupid. 🙂

    I know somewhere in my brain is a great story millions of people will won’t to read….I just haven’t discovered it yet.

    • Hi Marsha, the uniforms may change but the antics remain the same. I don’t miss those phone calls, to be sure! Keep looking for that story!

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