Writing 100 Words Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Chesapeake Bay

18 miles of ocean strait - my morning commute. (Image by Bernt Rostad via Flickr)

For those tailing me, you certainly must have noticed the nasty waves when we crossed the Chesapeake Bay this morning. Worse yet, with the low clouds moving rapidly offshore, I could hardly see the outline of the abandoned lighthouse on the barrier island to the east. Made for a breezy ride, to be sure.

Naturally, being a writer, I decided to try my hand at a self-imposed, 100 word challenge to immortalize the morning commute. (If my boss is reading, I did this at lunch, while drinking coffee, so not to worry!)  This isn’t my usual style of writing, but ’twas a fun endeavor, all the same.  Enjoy, or not. I’d be interested in your thoughts.


The Boat

By D.J. Lutz © December 2011

The old wooden dinghy nudged against the lighthouse dock, no line in place to secure it, held fast by repetitive waves.  The current had run its circuitous path, entering from the mouth of the bay, past the lighthouse and into the rocky shallows. A jetty steered the water back towards the mariner’s watchtower, out again to the angry sea. The dock, the only dock, was a last hope for mariners, a place of safety to reach or, if missed, the last vision of humanity. Oh, if only the submerged lifeboat could speak, what tales of tragic heroism it would tell.


4 thoughts on “Writing 100 Words Before the Coffee Gets Cold

    • It’s a great drive normally – and the closest you can get to the Atlantic without being in a boat or going for a swim!

  1. I like how you’ve taken an everyday detail and spun a quick story out of it. You have a good writer’s mind and, I must say, a fantastic view as you drive in to work. What a great way to start the day!

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