The problem is not with your set…

English: 8-inch, 5,25-inch, and 3,5-inch flopp...

I started out using punchcards, then hit the big time! (Image via Wikipedia)

Showing my age with the title. If you are not familiar with the saying above, that’s okay. Technology has moved on to make it as obsolete as the floppy disk. And that brings me to today’s topic – my life as a writer and the struggle up the Technology Trail.

Last night, I decided to freshen up the WordPress theme, add a photo in the header, and change the color scheme a bit. Not sure if it will stick; I’m still pondering the brightness of it all. I do like the photo – it is a cropped shot of my 1938 Underwood, the one Santa brought down the chimney for me this year. Now all I need is to replace the ribbon and I’ll be good to go. The WordPress editing was easy enough, once I figured out how to do it. The figuring out took me longer than the average bear (sorry, another old saying.)

Meanwhile, I am now, unfortunately by my own design, chained to my netbook, iphone – complete with Siri, two blogs, a novel in progress, a detective novel in the concept stage, a new class in grad school (I really must find that book) and my regular job, where I sit behind a computer all day, taking data and creating information, hopefully useful information.

If there is such a thing as ADD for writers, then I must surely have it.

To paraphrase a “corporate communication” writer friend of mine, I successfully juggle dozens of flaming balls of chaos at work on a daily basis, so these tasks must be easy, right?

Right. So it’s back to the schedule for me. Not sure when I will do what, yet, but I just don’t want to drop anything. One of my blogger acquaintances referenced da Vinci’s statement that “art is never finished, only abandoned” and it keeps sticking in my mind. I will not drop anything, it just might take a bit longer than originally planned, that’s all.

And that’s okay. I have enough stress. And quality beats quantity in everything except hand grenades. And bacon, but I digress…

So as I turn my novel into a modern day steampunk thriller (how’s that for a genre?) and thread the new ribbon on the Underwood, I say this:

Keep writing your wonderful posts!

I now read them daily, thanks to the iPhone WordPress app. Everyone is so positive, you keep me grounded and moving forward.

And that’s what community is all about.

So go ahead. You can turn the channel now and adjust the rabbit ears if you need to do so.



5 thoughts on “The problem is not with your set…

  1. Oh yes. Still working on finding a decent picture where I don’t look like an ax murderer or the unibomber. It’ll be a long search I have a feeling…

  2. LOL – yea – with my meds I am already looking like someone’s grandmother (although I am a grandmother, but–)

    But, I look like a mean Grimm’s fairy tale grandmother. ROFL

    • Cyn – at least you have meds to blame. All I can say is that someone snuck up on me with a camera early one morning. Now my daughter wants to braid my beard, so maybe I’ll go with a pirate look for the next photo session.

  3. Obviously you didn’t make the naughty list since Santa gave you that way cool typewriter–and the picture makes a very cool header!

    I don’t want your schedule, even on the most fantastic of days. But it seems to suit you and if anyone is up to the task of juggling a schedule like this–and thrive–I do believe it’s you! You will, no doubt, adjust those rabbit ears to suit yourself!

    Now about that profile picture–it says ‘I mean business and I take no prisoners’. Should I be skeerd? Nah…I happen to know better! LOL

    • I was reminded that it was Mrs Claus that obtained the typewriter! As for the schedule, I am thinking long term, as in do one thing this month, another thing next month. That should work, except the class, which will be for the next three months.

      The photo? All I can say is that I had not made the coffee yet…

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