Feeling Older Every Day

Noodle Oodle, Oxford Street, London W1

Searching for the elusive "wet noodle." - Image by Kake Pugh via Flickr

I realize that I am not the typical quinquagenarian, in that I have embraced technology that became available to the general public quite a few years after I graduated college, but sometimes I am still ablaze with wonderment at how much I do not know.

I was doing my normal blog maintenance and realized I may have missed saying thank you to several new subscribers. A thousand lashes with a wet noodle to me, as an old band director once said. To all of you who have “liked” a post or even better, clicked on the subscribe button – THANKS!!! The more people that read, the more I keep myself honest about posting. I hope to keep it interesting enough to be worthy of your time.

Then (gasp) I found out I was not following blogs that I thought I was already following. Did you follow all of that? So, whether I needed to or not, I followed (re-followed) (that isn’t stalking, is it?) everyone that I thought I had already followed, and also some new folks. Never hurts to read what others are writing. I learn from everyone!

So enjoy your day and think of new ways to express your thoughts with words, music, on canvas or on the stage. Finish that coffee and get to it!

– DJ sends.



4 thoughts on “Feeling Older Every Day

  1. Is that a fancy way of saying that you are in your fifties? I like words that have one or two syllables – just easier to keep in my head. lol

    Oh yea, I am also one of the few of my generation that worked with computers. I was maintaining and repairing mainframes in the Navy before the Internet was opened up. I bought an Amiga in the early 90s, and then that first PC that wasn’t just a brick that sat on a desk, but did things like word-processing and spreadsheets. šŸ˜‰

    And then – but, I don’t have to rewrite the whole computer revolution since both you and I were in the middle of it.

    But for some reason those whippersnappers like to slip in new ways of doing things just when we are getting used to the newest techniques. So good luck with keeping up…


    PS I finally hit my fifties with a bang this year.

    • Yep. I hit 50 this past year and am rapidly closing in on the new demographic called “over 50.” My problem with computers back in the day was that every time I changed duty stations, I had to learn a new software suite. We had no concept of application consistency. Then there was the “fabulous” dial-up situation I had in California, where I could turn on the computer and, literally, go down the hall and make coffee, then come back to see if we had a connection yet.

      This is probably why I asked Santa for a manual typewriter this year…

  2. Hope Santa brings you a good old manual…with a case to carry it in to your mountain get-away. šŸ™‚ I would like one too AND I really want an IBM Selectric…of course there is the stand by of paper and pencil…what a concept! LOL

    • I had a Selectric for years – loved it. I told Santa I had been good this year; I even wrote the note on a twenty dollar bill, just for good luck!

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