Are you a writer?


Do you consider yourself a writer?

Maybe you have just completed Nanowrimo 2011 and have a 50,000 word novel saved in your cloud.

Does that make you a writer?

Maybe. It all depends on you, really.

Here’s the deal (and remember, I am no expert, so take this for the amount of money you paid to read it.)

Yes, I think you were a writer during the month of November.  I certainly was.  Now, keep going!  Take the daily discipline you acquired to write that epic novel and apply it to the finishing process. Fix those wandering plot points. Make those tenses agree. If you don’t do a little bit every day, the novel will never get in good enough shape for someone besides mom to want to read it. Or (gasp) pay for it.

Don’t know how to edit your own work? Easy.  Enroll in an MFA program. If you can’t wait that long, or afford the money or time, you can always read (for free!) about form, structure and editing from others already successful as writers. Many of them have blogs. I personally prefer to read Sue Healy’s blog (editing) and the Warrior Writer (structure.) Just go to the tag search and type in “writing” and you will find a plethora of assistance.

The point is: writing is fun, but quality writing takes work. Not the painful, stab me with my red stapler type of work, but the with enough effort this will be really cool when it’s done kind of work.

So congrats to you for finishing Nanowrimo!

Now take a few hours off, drink some wine, then start writing, or editing. Or both.

Want to see a writer’s wishful thinking? Check out my wip page. I’ll be busy for a while. Or drinking a lot of wine. Or both.

Are you a writer?

I hope so. I need the company…



7 thoughts on “Are you a writer?

  1. Yep – for good or ill, I am a writer, an author, a poet, and an online CW freelancer. I don’t make much money, but it keeps me busy. It also keeps me from thinking about my disease. Always a good thing.

    Did you know Flannery O’Conner had lupus?

  2. Cyn – you are always an inspiration. I hope you are doing well, or at least better! And no, I was not aware of the Flannery/Lupus connection. (I am woefully uneducated in literature and its writers, through my own fault.) She passed way to young, but left us with a challenge to not let anything prevent us from living life as full as we can.

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