50,407 words later – the world is once again, safe.

Yes, the novel is finally finished, all 50,407 words of it. True, it is only  a first draft, but it has a beginning, middle and an end, so who can complain about that? Not me, to be sure!  Anyway, now I can start the edit process, making sure the plot points don’t go off on their own into the sunset, or that I did not change the name of one of the supporting actors. Those are embarrassing mistakes that can just happen if you are not careful. I speak from experience…

This will take some time, probably more than the time it took to write the darn thing, but the goal is to have this in good enough shape to send to an agent. If I collect enough rejection slips, I may send it off for a professional opinion, or I may just self publish. I would rather go with an agent, however, if at all possible. There are benefits to having an agent, and that can be the subject of another post.

But for now, I am just happy to report that “Hell in High Heels” featuring the adventures of US Navy Petty Officer Elena Martinez , has been finished.  She has found her niche in the Navy, acquired some good friends (finally) and now has a purpose in life. Oh yes, she has saved the free world by thwarting the evil plans of the Iranians. They should be really, really upset by now, especially once they get to the last chapter.

I hope you are still writing, writing and writing! There are just a few days left in November for those participating in Nanowrimo. And remember, I once finished well into December, so just keep writing until the story is done! Winner’s certificate be damned, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Of course, I must also give a special thanks to those who have recently subscribed! Huzzah!!

And we should all lift a glass of wine honoring the return of The WriterNubbin. More on her later, but trust me, lift the glass and<clink!> It is a good thing.

Next up for me? I need to get back to cooking and update Exploding Potatoes. It has been too long since I have posted there. I am thinking about sharing my sausage strata recipe; perfect for a cold winter’s morning. Maybe a restaurant review, as well.

Dang. Now I am hungry.

-DJ sends.


6 thoughts on “50,407 words later – the world is once again, safe.

  1. You’re finished! Honestly, you continue to amaze and astonish me. I do believe the story waited to be written for just this moment in time, and when that’s the case, the words come rolling out. Congratulations!

    And, my friend, thank you. Here’s to you *clink*.

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