Now is NOT the time for hindsight.


Image by evilnick via Flickr

For you Nano scribblers out there, if you are still at it – congratulations. Hump day has passed and you are still clacking the keys on the old Underwood. Huzzah!

Now is not the time to start editing, though. Don’t do it. Stop! Right now! That is what December is for.

Many of us start NaNoWriMo with the best of intentions. Some of us create characters in advance, some of us outline the plot. Some us just start writing. And at least one of us (that would be me) started a story and then started over a week later.

But the real secret to finishing NaNoWriMo (“winning” as they say) is to just keep typing. Keep in mind it is just a draft.

And drafts are meant to be changed.

That’s called editing and you will want to do it as you type. For instance, I have already made a few major changes in my protagonist’s character traits.  Should I go back and rewrite the first 20 pages? Yes, of course. I will have to do it.

But not now. Just keep typing Diego!

So make a note of what you want to change. But change it later. Get through the first draft. Even if it takes you until the 46th of November, don’t stop until it is done.

And once you are one, you will be so happy. Trust me. I have been there.

Now is NOT the time for hindsight.

My Nano update: I reached 30,092 words today, not counting the 8k I threw out when I started over. I have a travel day tomorrow. Sad to leave the cabin in the mountains, but glad, very glad, to pick up daughter and go home for the Thanksgiving holiday next Thursday (it’s a US  holiday meant to honor our first European settlers and their interactions with the native Americans, but it has evolved into a day of overeating and watching sports on the tele.)  So on Saturday, it is back to the 1667 word a day slog to the finish.

Until then… cheers!


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