Timing is everything!

ClockI have seen many posts from valiant writers, all deep in the throes of NaNoWriMo 2011. A few are doing well, most are struggling and alas, some have stopped. And for that last group, please don’t get discouraged, I stopped one year, too, but life goes on.

But just because you stop (or do not finish by the time the clock strikes twelve the evening of November 30th,) that doesn’t mean you can’t or should not keep writing your story. Set a new timeline. Perhaps a daily word count goal of 1667 should be lowered to 600. Maybe just use a timeframe such as writing 1 hour a day. Or two 45 minute sessions a day. Whatever works for you!

As for me? To recap: I had written 8,000 words on my supernatural mystery romance story, The Witch’s Purse. It’s a great story, but like cooking a Texas brisket, it will need a lot of time and it will be slow going. Once it’s done, however…oo la laaa, I hope.

So I stopped working on that saga and started a new one ( I know, in the middle of NaNoWriMo, am I crazy?) It’s going well, but this week will determine if I have a chance to finish on time. I am at 6,000 words so far.

Thank goodness, timing is everything!

It seems that I have a week off from work and a cabin in the mountains that is available. It’s our timeshare week and I completely forgot that our fixed week is always in November. That’s why it’s called a “fixed” week, I guess. Anyhow, this is the perfect time to get away and relax. Plenty of time to write (for me) and plenty of time to knit (for my lovely wife.)

Massanutten range from Skyline Drive

Massanutten Range, Image by Jeff Cushner via Flickr

As a bonus, it’s too cold for the golfers now and not cold enough for the skiers, so the resort area is much less crowded than usual.  Hardly any noise other than some wind rustling through the leaves. The quiet environment should help me with my goal of 4,000 words a day for this week, hopefully putting back on track to resume the dreaded 1,667 daily slog needed to finish on time as a “winner.”

So here’s to you, fellow scribes. I lift my glass of Beaujolais in your honor. May you find a place of quiet solitude and the time needed to finish that first draft. If you are in the neighborhood of Harrisonburg, Virginia, may I suggest stopping by Massanutten resort. Just get there before the snow!!

Cheers! <clink!>



10 thoughts on “Timing is everything!

  1. It has been a good Nanowrimo so far. I start today with 25K. This year I am describing everything… I mean everything. I am not one to do much description in my stories. This year, I will learn to write so that the reader is IN the place, 😉

    And, actually, I usually skip descriptions when I am reading anyway. I already know what it looks like in my imagination.
    Good luck on your continued success

    • Thanks! I am plot heavy for this draft. The December draft will be more for character building and description. Outstanding job being at 25k!

    • Thanks! The cabin is awesome, though it is more like a small two level house. The problem now is I want to spend all day outside, walking the trails looking for wildlife! And visiting the nearby wineries, of course…

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