Plot overboard!

Navstar-2F satellite of the Global Positioning...

Perhaps the death ray is closer than we know?

You ever get so wrapped up in building your novel’s plot that, once you sit back and look at it, you realize you may have gone a little toooooo far?

Okay, so I decided to remove the triboluminescent death ray from the plot. And the CIA triple cross.  As believable as those plot points may have become, I wanted to boil the antagonist’s motive to something more common: jealousy.

You know, the psychotic, caffeine-fueled, no qualms about it, keep an ice pick under the pillow type of jealousy.

I think everyone has some experience with that one, either as an instigator or receptor. Okay, maybe not the ice pick part, but…oh, I see. Well, there’s at least one of you, then.

For the sci-fi fans, sorry about the death ray. There will be something a little more believable, though. Enough to make you think twice next time you start conversing with the girl in your GPS unit. Enjoy.

For the romance fans, sorry about the lack of “happily ever after.” Writing romance isn’t normally my shtick, but I’ll try to throw something in there that doesn’t sound too stupid.

Mystery folks – you should have your fill. This will be a who done it with a twist. The hard part will be figuring out what, exactly, was done.

And to my paranormal fans (that sounded bad, didn’t it?) you will have to deal with a witch, homage to classic mythology and possibly a Fringe-like alternate universe. Derigibles not included.

Did I mention that I may have gone overboard on the plot?

Nanowrimo starts Tuesday at 12:01 AM.

Clocks ticking.



2 thoughts on “Plot overboard!

  1. I recently realized that I had not one, not two, but four different car chases in my first 150 pages and hadn’t hit the climax yet. I feel your pain (and thank god for first drafts!).

    • Car chases! What a great idea!! Just kidding – my plot has enough stuff already. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in your writing!

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