My characters need character?

Food shark

Image by ErnestBludger via Flickr

Normally when the urge to write hits, I get a basic plot running through my brain and, slugging down some Cafe Verona, I start clacking away on my modern day version of the old Underwood. Makes for some strange and rambling stories, let me tell you. Don’t get me started on the Food Shark in Marfa, Texas. That’s some good cookin’! But, as they say – that’s a whole ‘nother story.

And while my plots have more twists than Mr. Checker, my characters have never been the most memorable. Heck, I’d have to look up the name of the protagonist in Marfa now, but I remember the plot without error. Maybe I should write scripts for B movies or reality TV?

Fortunately, I went ahead and downloaded the trial version of WriteWay. It has a cool little section that helps you with character development. Could I have done this without the software? Sure, but I didn’t. Now that I have the app, character development is right in front of me.

As a matter of fact, by developing the characters I have actually clarified much of the plot.

Did I mention it was a free trial version? Go to the NaNoWriMo website to access WriteWay (under donation/store, then look for “Nanowrimo is brought to you by” ) and get the code for the upgrade version of the trial offer.

The days of October are coming to a close.

Nano’s – get ready!

Do your characters have character?


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