I’ll have a venti call for submission, with cream, please


Image by .HEI via Flickr

As many of you know, I am creating an anthology of short stories from up and coming authors. Mystery / detective fiction stuff. Looking to discover the next Sherlock, Poirot and/or Nick Charles. You get the picture. It’s taken a lot of coffee, but everything is set up – just need those stories. Word is starting to spread and I know of at least one story that is on its way.

Here’s your chance to get published and even make a few dollars. Check out my other blog, The Gumshoe Review for details.

Meanwhile, since I consider it poor form to put my own stories in this anthology, I have gone back to writing an hour a day. I have three projects going on, two fiction and one non-fiction. It may take a while but I will finish each of them. I am finding the variety in projects is keeping me motivated to continue writing on all of them.

Writer’s block with my dual ninja love story thriller? No problem, start writing more on the self-help book entitled “One More Time – business and life skills learned at halftime.”

Stats running circles in my head? Easy fix. Back to keeping Cat Mendez alive and restarting her life in the small beach town of Santa Marta.

Meanwhile, send in those short stories! I need something to do…and I need a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But that’s a different story…



4 thoughts on “I’ll have a venti call for submission, with cream, please

    • Congrats on getting published. I read the story and it’s a good one. Unfortunately, my anthology, The Gumshoe Review, currently accepts original, unpublished short stories only. That said, please feel free to send any more detective style mysteries or thrillers you decide to write to the GR blog for consideration. You are just the kind of author I am hoping to help! Good luck and keep on writing!

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