Home-based Business 101

One of the editorial assistants...

In honor of this past Labor Day, I have seriously started to labor on my newest writing venture, a newsletter/e-zine. Not a lot of start-up cost and the potential for profit is small, but it should be fun to create and who knows – it may just turn out to be worth reading!

The business plan is a fairly simple one. I have most of the parts, just not all in one place. You gotta have one, though. Biz plans help you know where you want to go, how you might get there, and how you will know “if” you get there. Besides, it always helps to know when you are losing money. But let’s think positively!

This week: try to finish the Publisher file that will eventually become the website.

Next week: more work on the e-zine file itself, also in Publisher, finishing the template.

By the end of September, if all goes well, I will have registered the domain name, set up the website, rented the P.O. Box (if the postal service is still in business, that is) and filed for the LLC and the local biz license.

That means starting in October – I will send out the call for submissions. But hey, if you write mysteries, and your short story features a detective/sleuth, why wait? Start checking for grammar, missing plot points and nebulous POV now!

Oh, yes. The authors that are published will be compensated. That means I will send them money. For their writing. Really. It won’t be much, but something is better than nothing! If you don’t have a story written yet – get going! 3,500 words or less, please.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Home-based Business 101

    • Thanks. If it takes off, I suppose I could always do sister-ezines in other genres. I am not expecting to make a huge profit, just sell enough ads to cover website costs. It would be nice to have a few readers, too.
      I have 2 assistants, Abby Baloo (in the photo) and her son, Mowgli. They are mysteries all by themselves!

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