Creating a Memorable Character

Cartoon of the journalist and writer Hunter S....

H.S.T. "Senza-man Wazzy-needs"

is not as easy as it seems. If you do it right, the craft of writing looks easy, but then again, isn’t this the case with all endeavors? Think back a bit. Hemingway didn’t start out writing epic novels – he did time as a newspaper man, working for an exacting editor. Probably the best training he could have obtained during those times.

Hunter S. Thompson, before he was writing descriptions of an armchair quarterback named Richard Nixon or lizard-headed bipeds in Las Vegas, he spent a few years as a writer / journalist in the Air Force. I know, don’t even try to picture that one.

So for those of us who have not had the chance to pay those dues, aside from taking writing classes in college, or maybe in spite of them, how do we progress from simple storyteller to author? Well, we work at it.

As for me, I am running my main characters through the wickets of 10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters by Viders, Storey, Gorman and Martinez.  This will take some time, but plot-driven words written sooner aren’t necessarily better than character-driven words scribed later. I forget who said it, but the quote goes Bigger isn’t better, better is better.

How about you? How do you write character into your characters?



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