Do we really need lawyers?

Perry Mason (TV series)

Perry Mason & Della Street

Judging by the number of laws and criminals who break them, apparently so. I was kind of hoping that everyone could just be nice. I know, time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Long story short – I am working on the finer points of my e-zine template. Adding the fiction stories might end up being the easy part. Establishing the project as a business, well, not so much. For instance, this “simple” project involves:

Creating the LLC (easy)

Obtaining the business permits (easy)

Domain names, email accounts, etc. (even easier)

Trademarks (more than I want to pay, but easy)

Copyrights (years of experience on this one)

Secure e-commerce system (turnkey)

Insurance (gotta have it – hope I never need it)

Privacy Statement (what?)

Yep. Privacy Statement. Who will have access to your information, you know, the stuff I need in order to send you the e-zine you have ordered? To me, this is a no brainer that goes without saying, but the lawyers say otherwise.

What I want to say is “Hey – thanks for ordering. Anything you have given to me, your name, your email address, anything, will not go anywhere else because who wants to be known as a sneaky, money-grubbing jerk? You won’t get hit with spam from me. I won’t sell any list to anyone. I just want to say thanks for ordering and I hope you order again.”

I’m betting that once the lawyers get through with it, the privacy statement will look very different. And be much longer.

Dang. The coffee smells good, Perry.




2 thoughts on “Do we really need lawyers?

  1. I like your privacy statement — especially the sneaky, money-grubbing jerk :). But you’re right, once the lawyers get done with it it won’t be the same — too bad. Good luck with the e-zine!

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