The six sentence challenge

Coffee Cup

It's good to have goals!

So I came across a writing blog called Six Sentences, 6S for short. Writers send in their work, hoping to get posted eventually. The idea is to put together a snippet that is only, yes…six sentences in length. Not as easy as it sounds. Here is my entry – and please, those of you who work in the coffee purveying industry (ahem, Starbucks) – I hope you really enjoy your job. I certainly enjoy stopping by for my decaf Americano!

The Barista

by D.J. Lutz

I don’t know why they call me a barista, since to most I’m just a slinger of caffeine, the guy who makes your triple shot, skim milk, no whip mocha to jump start your morning for four dollars and eighty five cents, tip not included but definitely appreciated.  Title and steam burns aside, there actually are a few positives about my job. I especially enjoy the times when I get to have an intelligent, civilized conversation with you, but only when it’s not too busy. You see, it is very apparent to me that you come here for more than just the coffee. You’re different, nothing at all like the multitude of impatient and rude patrons who think their custom made drink should be waiting for them before they even pull into the drive through lane to order it. And no, you don’t come here for what probably is your only social contact each day, but rather to verbally rescue me from the rectangular confines of java hell.


6 thoughts on “The six sentence challenge

  1. One sentence in particular hit home–And no, you don’t come here for what probably is your only social contact each day… ahem. That would be me. Only I don’t make it each day…once in a blue moon is more like it. LOL

    You certainly said alot in six sentences. I might have to give this a try myself.

    Nice job!

    • I really pushed the limit on what constituted a sentence. The shorter the sentence the more difficult to tell a story in just 6.

      And I know there are many people who go to coffee shops (and bars) to get their only social contact, absolutely nothing wrong with that! – and as a former bartender, I always appreciated them as much as they appreciated me!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and say good-bye ‘in person’. You’ve been an awesome blogger friend, so supportive and fun to visit. I’ll be thinking of you and your writing journey. You are so talented I just know you will be successful in whatever you attempt. God Bless D.J.!


    • Hi Jeannie, It’s been quite fun! I know you are off to other pursuits, but I must tell you that I never forget important people with whom I have interacted. I also never say good bye, just “until next time.” I have had too many instances where, 20 or 30 years later, I run across someone from a past life. Think of the fun we will have catching up then!

      Until next time…

    • Thanks for reading! I am reading this one at the next writer’s group meeting. (We are limited to 5 minutes and I always push it to the last second!)

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