Happy Limerick Day!

Cover for A Book of Nonsense by Edward Lear (c...

Happy Limerick Day!

Yes, friends, in honor of Edward Lear, purveyor of the what could be the only fixed form of poetry indigenous to the English language – the limerick – I present to you a short quip that has nothing to do with the village of Nantucket:

    From work, I come home so beat

    My shoes, they’re now off my feet

    The puppies are barkin’

    My attention they’re harkin’

    I guess I’ll get them a treat!

Yes, the puppies always get a treat. I may be a curmudgeon and a sarcastic lout, but who could say no to a puppy like this…

Please, sir, may I have another....treat!

Happy Limerick Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Limerick Day!

    • The dogs always put on the “cute” act whenever someone is over to visit or there’s a camera. Exhibit A shown above!

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