A Bad Morning…

Chemical structure of Caffeine.

Caffeine - it's what's for breakfast!

Some people may say this is an understatement, but I really haven’t had a great morning. Oh, sure, it started out just fine, I mean, who could pass up freshly brewed coffee? Not me, that’s for sure. Me and my coffee? We connect every morning and a thousand plagues unto anyone that interferes.  Now here I lay on the side of the road, my body broken in more places I can count, my life blood steadily oozing out onto the already damp, green grass. This was not how today was supposed to go. Who would have thought I would miss the comfort of my corporate gray, cubicle desk?

I should count my blessings, really. After the first car hit me I thought it was all over. Then that second one clipped me, sending me to the relative safety of the road’s soft shoulder. You would think that people would have seen me bouncing off that fender, I mean I’m not that small, at least in my opinion. Still, from the vacant stares of the few drivers I could see, it was obvious that these drivers were zombies. They probably don’t wake up until they arrive at their office, the jerks. Maybe this is just a bad case of karma. Geez, I hope not. Then again, no one, not a single person, is stopping. Crap.

Deep down, I think what pains me the most is that my lady won’t even miss me until she gets home tonight.  I don’t know. Maybe she will miss me for a while, but if I know her, she’ll just once again assume that she will find me where I normally hang out, in the kitchen, waiting for her to come walking through the front door at dusk. Not this time, baby. Not this time. This will be one mystery you won’t ever figure out.

Cindy King was stepping out of her car, about to take her wore out, sales executive self back into the comfort of her condo, when her neighbor started waving. Clearly downtrodden from a day that never seemed to end, she gave him a pleading look to go away, but then politely offered “Oh, hey, Bob. How was your day?”

“I know it’s not your birthday, but I bought you a present. Here, take it…”

“It’s a…coffee cup?” Cindy was momentarily flummoxed.

“Yeah, after I saw you this morning, I knew you would want one.”

“How so?”

“Duh…you left your old one on top of your car as you drove off. It’s probably smashed flatter than a pancake, pushed off the side of a road somewhere…”

©D.J. Lutz, April 2011


4 thoughts on “A Bad Morning…

  1. I love how you tack those twists onto the end like you do. A coffee cup is not what I was thinking as I was first reading the story. Good!!

    • A few days ago, I saw someone driving to work, having left their coffee mug on the roof of their car – thusly the inspiration for this story. I have recently joined a local writers group here and will probably use this one for the reading (we only get 3 – 5 minutes.)

      As I watch the royal wedding, I wonder if anyone has ever left a travel mug on top of one of the royal Bentleys?

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, too!

  2. Sniff….sob….

    this story was so sad…I love coffee mugs…sniff…

    Nice little surprise story!

    And I really do love coffee mugs. I’ve collected many dozens of them over the years…

    • Our teenager has decreed that we can no longer acquire more coffee mugs. The shelves are full of them. Let me know if you want more.

      Thanks for reading.

      Hmmm…how is the studio coming? Maybe we could do an audio book with musical accompaniment sometime.

      Brain’s cranking now.

      Shaz-bot. Too many projects, not enough free time.



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